Guiding Principles

NOA exists to connect elected and staff leaders of professional nursing organizations to inspire, collaborate, and provide a forum for information exchange and the sharing of resources and best practices.

NOA does not have delegated authority to speak for nursing or any member organization.

NOA Member Representation
The members of NOA are represented by the leadership team of the NOA member organizations. This leadership team typically includes one or more volunteers elected by members of their association to leadership roles (President, President-Elect, members of a Board of Directors, etc.), and a paid staff leader (Executive Director, Chief Executive Officer, etc.). The elected volunteer leaders typically serve terms of one or perhaps two years, while the staff leader serves on an ongoing basis at the pleasure of the elected leadership. Together, the chief elected volunteer leader (and in some organizations the volunteer leader’s elected successor-in-waiting) and the chief staff leader constitute the "leadership partnership" of the organization. The elected leaders are members of the association, most often engaged in the full-time practice of their nursing specialty.

Role of the Board of Directors
The Role of the Board of Directors is to coordinate the activities of NOA through the Annual Meeting (Fall Summit), NALA, webinars, work teams, etc., and is responsible for the business affairs of NOA.  The Board of Directors operates under the value of transparency.

Basic Beliefs and Values for Working Together

  • NOA is inclusive and open to all nursing organizations that meet the criteria for eligibility to be a member.
  • Members retain their independence and choose when to work interdependently with other NOA members.
  • NOA approaches its work on issues in a spirit of open communication and cooperation and with a value for diversity and uniqueness.
  • NOA members agree to abide by established work processes.