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Member Background

The members of the Nursing Oranizations Alliance (NOA) are professional associations. As with most professional associations, NOA member organizations are typically led by a leadership team. This leadership team typically includes one or more volunteers elected by members of their association to leadership roles (President, President-Elect, members of a Board of Directors, etc.), and a paid staff leader (Executive Director, Chief Executive Officer, etc.). The elected volunteer leaders typically serve terms of one or perhaps two years, while the staff leader serves on an ongoing basis at the pleasure of the elected leadership. Together, the chief elected volunteer leader (and in some organizations the volunteer leader’s elected successor-in-waiting) and the chief staff leader constitute the "leadership partnership" of the organization. The elected leaders are members of the association, most often engaged in the full-time practice of their nursing specialty.

Member Benefits

  • Unique opportunity to network and build relationships with leaders of over 60 national nursing organizations.
  • Exclusive opportunity to participate in the Annual NOA Fall Summit to learn and collaborate with other member organizations in addressing issues of common concern to the nursing community.
  • Exclusive participation in the NOA Online Member Community which serves as an efficient communication tool in reaching nursing organizational leaders for information exchange, polling about association best practices, and seeking partnerships and alliances on initiatives of mutual interest.
  • Discounted registration fees to the highly rated NOA sponsored programs - the Nurse in Washington Internship (NIWI) and the Nursing Alliance Leadership Academy (NALA). NIWI provides nurses the opportunity to learn how to influence health care through the legislative and regulatory processes and NALA provides consistent, effective volunteer governance leadership education for newly elected and emerging leaders within national nursing organizations. NOA members also receive additional registration fee discounts for consecutive attendance at NOA conferences.
  • Access to nationally prominent speakers and education sessions that qualify for continuing education contact hours.
  • Exclusive access to contact information of staff leaders of member organizations.
  • Free event and conference listings on the NOA website.
  • The opportunity to be informed about products, services, and meeting venues through our Fall Summit exhibit hall, which can help increase an organization’s effectiveness.

Member Dues

Membership dues are on a calendar year (January-December) and are $1,000.

To become a member of the Nursing Organizations Alliance, please complete the online application linked below and submit it with the supporting documents requested. 

Please contact Laura Singler at 859-514-9214 or [email protected] with any questions.